Rosemary Dolata, AIA, LEED AP, is a great complement to any design or development team interested in pushing the envelope in terms of sustainable design and innovation.

Architectural Design:
Rosemary Dolata is a licensed architect in the state of Minnesota.  Concentric Architect LLC provides design services for both new construction and renovation of existing buildings.

Sustainable Design + Energy Consultation:
Rosemary Dolata is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited professional.  She has worked extensively with the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, and is very interested in making the Living Building Challenge real in Minnesota.

Strategic Planning: Oftentimes the long-term success of a project will rely on having a strategy in place which will address the wide range of issues with which a client group are concerned. Rosemary has helped many clients develop these strategies and integrate the needs of the client and community the project is serving.

Marketing Proposals:
Having worked from both the design and development side on a variety of projects, Rosemary is well versed in creating proposals that are well-rounded and holistic in their approach to the issues projects are attempting to address.

Special Projects:
Have a special project that could benefit from a fresh set of eyes or a new approach?  Rosemary Dolata can help you to assemble a proposal, create a report, host a community meeting, or plan a workshop.  New challenges are welcome.

Rosemary Dolata is well-known in Minnesota for her work with sustainable affordable housing.  She is frequently invited to speak to audiences.  She has taught at the University of Minnesota and enjoys all forms of community engagement.